Garden waste Recycling

6 Cheap ways to dispose garden waste

If you’re considering a large gardening job producing a large amount of waste, consider disposing of it appropriately.

There are various cheap and eco-friendly ways of doing so

Here are some helpful tips on how to dispose of your garden junk:

#1 Home composting

Composting at home is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way of dealing with waste.

Turning items such as trees, plants and grass into free fertiliser

This can be done using a compost bin – available online and in most garden centres.

Or why not create your own?

#2 Incinerators and Bonfires

Bonfires are the best option for dry junk such as leaves, cuttings and sticks.

Although, it can leave a lot of smoke – not very pleasant if you have neighbours!

Whilst an incinerator is used at a higher temperature, there is not as much smoke.

We recommend doing this method early in the morning or late at night.

#3 Garden waste clearance companies

Not all garden waste is recycled that easily.

Using a clearance company will aid you in removing more significant amounts of Rubbish.

Choosing the right garden waste clearance provider at reasonable rates can be difficult.

One that took our interest was Rubbish. me

They provide excellent rates whilst keeping environmental ethics

safe contractor

#4 Recycling centres

Taking a trip to your local recycling centre is always a great idea.

Again, when dealing with large amounts of waste that won’t fit in your curbside bin.

However, the downside is that it can be vastly time-consuming and messy!

#5 Garden skip bins

Garden skips are always helpful for extensive scale work within your garden.

Depending on the size and how much is needed to be taken away, you can hire them.

You will need an ample space within your property for it to be placed – or a permit on the road.

#6 Try flogging some junk

Why not earn some money?

Not all junk can be sold or given away!

However, things such as wooden logs have some renewable use to them.

People are willing to pay good money for logs, such as stoves and bonfires.

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