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Zip Lining

Zip lining is a breathtaking adrenaline ride of a lifetime that will have your heart beating and your hands shaking. There are a number of zip line attractions in the UK including Zip World in Snowdonia, which boasts both Velocity and the Titan experience. Alternatively there is the SkyWire ride at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Please be aware though that zip lining experiences do differ, so it's a good idea to know what you're getting yourself into.

Zip World in Snowdonia Velocity - Fly like Superman

This zip lining experience has you strapped in like superman, head first - out stretched, so you can fly like a bullet. The Velocity experience is made up of three components the first is a practice flight on the little zipper which reaches speeds of up to 40mph. Then it's a tour of the slate quarry where the experience day takes place. Finally you will face the Big Zipper that can hit speeds of up to 100mph.

Children must be 10 years old and accompanied by a paying adult. However this is the longest and fastest zip ride in Europe so it may be an experience more suited to older children and adults. You can be sure though that it is not for the faint hearted.

  • Minimum height 4'0" or 1.2m - max 6'6" or 2m
  • Minimum weight 4st 7lb or 30kg - max 18st 9lb or 120kg
The Zip World Titan Experience - Zip Lining in the Seated Position

The Zip World Titan experience is made up of three zip wires that collectively add up to 8km of cable this makes the area covered the largest zip zone in the world.

As with Velocity children need to be 10 years and older to ride. If you do have kids that just meet the age criteria then riding the Titan, in the seated position, might be a bit easier to stomach. Also if this is your first zip line experience it may be a good place to start. It's set over two hours so you will get a much more scenic ride. The three zip wires take you over some of the most beautiful countryside in Wales.

  • Minimum height 4'0" or 1.2m - max 6'6" or 2m
  • Minimum weight 4st 7lb or 30kg - max 18st 9lb or 120kg
Zip Line Over the Eden Project - Cornwall

The alternative to the beautiful Snowdonia landscape is to journey to Cornwall for a ride over the astounding Eden Project. Buyagift offers a range of Eden Project zip wire experiences which may contain some or all of the following attractions:

  • The SkyWire Experience: reaching speeds up to 60mph zip lining over the Eden Project in the superman position.
  • Gravity: a huge three person swing that dangles you over the edge of a cliff and lets you experience the amazing feeling of zero gravity
  • The Drop: a two part adventure consisting of a 10-metre air bag jump and a 15-metre drop that simulates free fall.
  • Entry to the Eden Project

Please check the product description so you know which of the four components are included in each deal.

The SkyWire offers the thrill of a superman style zip line ride at a relatively manageable 60mph when you compare it with the Big Zipper with a max speed of a 100mph. However don't for one minute think that flying over the Eden Project at 60mph isn't an exhilarating ride of a lifetime. It's still fast, just a bit less scary.

  • Minimum age - 8 years old
  • Minimum height - 4'0" or 1.2m
  • Minimum weight - 6st 3lb or 40kg - 18st 9lb or 120kg
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