About Us

Asda Flowers has been successfully operating for a total of 7 years. Starting with a handful of Postal Bouquets, the business now displays a full range of stunning Postal and Courier Bouquets and beautiful Plants.

All the products we use are of the highest quality which ensures your Bouquet stays fresher for longer, making it the ideal gift. We source products from a number of different countries across the globe by different experts who are specialised in selecting the best quality product. Not only do Asda offer a specific range of British Flowers supporting local growers we also offer Fairtrade Roses which support producers in developing countries such as Kenya.

Designed by professional Florists, every Asda Bouquet and Plant is carefully packed to ensure it arrives to your loved one in perfect condition. Asda Flowers are committed to delivery the best quality with every single order. So much so, we now deliver over 100,000 Bouquets and Plants to satisfied customers throughout the UK every year.

Beautiful Packaging

All our Packaging and wraps are designed specifically complement each bouquet in a number of different colours and styles.

By selecting a Courier bouquet your flowers will arrive in a professional gift box, wrapped to compliment your chosen bouquet. Details of specific wrap can be found on each of the product pages.

Our Postal bouquets will arrive in a smaller box, shown below, again wrapped to compliment your chosen bouquet.

Our Plants will arrive in a special plant box, shown below.